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Snowbizz Ski School

Our team of fully qualified ski instructors ensure that whatever your ski level, your progression is rapid but smooth, in the friendly atmosphere of small classes. We understand that the right childcare staff and instructor can make the difference between a good or exceptional ski school experience.

Snowbizz directors, Michel and Elodie, are always available before and after any lessons to answer any questions or reassure you about you or your child’s progress.

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Children’s Ski School

Small classes – Beginners to Competition
Juniors – Toton – Mini Champs

The Original Children’s Ski School!

Our stand-out childcare and children’s ski school are at the heart of Snowbizz and the main reason so many families return to us.

We have been 36 years perfecting the art of specialist children’s ski classes. Our absolute guarantee is that you won’t find better!

We work with the local ski school and have a team of hand-picked instructors who are managed by Snowbizz director, Michel. Classes are small, friendly and exclusively for Snowbizz guests.

All skiing children start their day with Elodie and her childcare team in either the crèche or Junior Ski Club. We make learning fun and ensure that every child has a really positive experience, especially so if it’s their first time.

All the children are assessed on the first morning and re-assessed on an on-going basis. At the end of the week we celebrate all their hard work in our ‘Awards Ceremony’.

Toton Ski School   3-4 years

9am – 1pm x 6 Days

Totons, or tots-on-skis, are our youngest skiers aged 3 to 4 years. They start their day in our crèche from 9am then are collected by both their instructor and ski nanny and taken to the snow garden for a 1 hour ski lesson in a small group of no more than five. This is where we work our magic, and by the end of the week, teaching one-on-one, even the most reluctant three year old is skiing happily and confidently. The Toton’s will be ready to be collected at 1pm or afternoon creche can be booked if needed.

Junior Ski School   5-13 years

9:30am – 1pm x 6 Days

Junior Ski School classes are for ages 5 to 13 years, beginners through to Gold *, with no more than 8 children per class. The lessons are for two hours, 6 days a week and are constantly monitored by Michel who is in radio contact throughout the lesson checking everyone is happy. We never hold anyone back – movement between classes is a normal part of our process. Drop off any time from 9:30am for games and snow fun, lessons from 11am to 1pm.

Mini-champs and Race Training

Mini-Champs and Race Training classes are for those who have already achieved their 3 star/gold award. Still fun, but with more emphasis on technique, these ski classes are perfect for older children ready for a new challenge.

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