Skiing with children: Six tips to keep the whole family happy

Family ski holidays shouldn’t be stressful but often can be, here are our tops tips to keep the whole family happy!

1. First ensure your accommodation is as close to the ski area as possible. Walking or bus journeys with cold, tired children at the end of the ski day isn’t very funny. Ski-in/ski-out accommodation is the perfect choice for families.

2. Turn the morning panics of misplaced lift passes and sunglasses into a huge game. Whoever is the first to have full kit with lift pass, sunglasses, goggles, helmet, sun cream, snack, pocket money gets to choose first run or lunch stop. This is hoping that your children haven’t already acquired expensive gastronomic tastes.

3. If this is the case then you need to turn it into a maths game of checking out mountain restaurants. Where and what can a family of four eat for under 50 euros at lunchtime? Answer – in PSV a mountain feast, in Courchevel possibly a plate of chips and four cokes.

4. Find a brilliant children’s ski school. That’s Snowbizz by the way! Our own personal ski school disaster story led us to starting our own ski school. If you’re holidaying elsewhere check out our post on Mad Dog Ski – Skiing without tears:

5. Bribery isn’t just allowed it’s positively encouraged. After our own ski school set-back a whole team of gift shop husky dogs had the desired effect!

6. Encourage safety measures: No skiing ever past the lead adult and make sure you’re up to date on the skiers’ code yourself ensuring little ones have your mobile number in their pocket. Once children have the ski bug even the most sensible will bomb off. In Puy St Vincent we’re lucky, on the odd occasion when a child has gone missing whilst skiing in the afternoon en famille, they have quickly been reunited. One of the benefits of being in a small resort where, as the single UK tour operator, everyone knows us. It does also help that Snowbizz boss, Michel, is available 24/7 and is an ex-member of the mountain rescue team!

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