Five unique reasons parents choose our childcare

Our reputation for unique childcare means the world to us.

Snowbizz Nannies

The Snowbizz Team are known for being outstanding and will make your family holiday a special one. We guarantee that your child will feel settled in a proper nursery, run by fantastic qualified staff who you will instantly like and trust, and your children will adore.

Top Private Nursery

Our crèche is run exclusively for Snowbizz’s smaller guests. OFSTED are unable to offer inspections overseas, so for parent’s peace of mind we are registered with the highly respected French childcare authority, DDASS. We are the only British Tour Operator to have this accreditation, but felt strongly that there was a need for a standard to be set which hopefully other companies will follow.

With input from the DDASS, we have created a model nursery: large, bright and spacious with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. We have unannounced spot inspections, and every follow up report has been glowing, most especially with reference to our ‘excellent staff’.

There is an outdoor snow garden, a dedicated ski area just for the Toton Ski Club (ages 3 and 4) and proper scaled down children’s bathrooms and cloakroom.

Model Nursery linked to Ski School

We have taken inspiration from our favourite nursery and prep school here in the UK – and together with their principals continue to work on every element, so that the crèche day is so entertaining that your children can’t wait to get back. There is a big accent on arts and crafts and plenty of time spent outside in our snow garden.

For the older crèche children our nannies work closely with the ski school so the transition from nursery to snow garden is seamless and all part of the fun. These same nannies are in attendance throughout the duration of the Toton Ski Club. As with the older children, director Michel keeps a close eye on the progress of the Totons, as those first few days on skis must work well and be a complete success. Nothing is left to chance.

Location and Flexi-Sessions

The crèche, Sun Vallée apartments and children’s ski garden sit on a quad in the centre of all the skiing. This makes everything very easy for a family and even allows for sneaky peaks of the Toton Ski Club.

We totally appreciate that every family has differing skiing and childcare needs so we offer flexi sessions tailored to suit you. What works brilliantly well is that the crèche is so central that if you are having a pang of guilt about leaving your child all day, or want some family ski time it’s very it’s easy to pop back from the higher slopes.

Kiddie Club and Babysitting

Childcare extends into the evening with a choice of Kiddie Club or babysitting depending on age. We strongly suggest talking to our office based skiing mums, Jo and Sarah about how we can make your holiday as perfect as possible. They have both been skiing for over 15 winters in Puy St Vincent and with four children between them, ages 2 to 13, they have pretty much seen our childcare from every angle and will be happy to share their experience!

To experience why we are so unique please telephone: 01778 341 455 or email

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