Why do a ski season? An interview with Katie Collison and Viv Sim

We’re always asked what it’s like to do a ski season with us. So when Katie and Viv (ex head nanny and resort rep) dropped by to see us we thought we’d sit them down to ask them a few questions about their experience. We hope it makes for an insightful read!

It feels like you were with us for years but how many years did you actually work for Snowbizz?

V – I did four years.

K – I did 5 full years then I did three weeks at the start of last season with Ian to train the new team.

Why did you choose to work for Snowbizz?

V – Because I spoke to Wendy on the phone and thought she sounded lovely! I only phoned up to enquire about the job that I saw in a magazine and by the end of the phone call I was like I’ve got to work for Snowbizz.

K – Very similar reason in that Wendy definitely wooed me into..

V- 5 years?

K – Before the interview I didn’t really understand ski seasons so it wasn’t about that it was about you as a company.

V – You could tell the company was going to be lovely right from the beginning.

K – And that they’d treat you well.

What was your favourite aspect of the job?

V – Getting to know the families and the children over the years, which is what made you want to go back each year.

K – They are the main reason you go back because all the families are so lovely.

Favourite memory?

K – It’s impossible to answer!

V – There are loads! My favourite thing about Snowbizz is standing at the front of the room, in the hall, singing songs and all the kids are loving it and screaming back and shouting and being dead excited. That’s my favourite memory. Oh and singing songs and dancing with you in the hall.

K – There are just too many but definitely doing the disco with Viv and the children. Then there are the actual skiing memories.

V- And when you go ski guiding and the families are all excited to see you out of the crèche and they see you’re a real person and are skiing like them. Then the children are all like ‘Well I want to ski because they can ski.’ I love that. Ian face planting was also a good memory!

Favourite year?

K – The second year maybe with Joelle?

V – Joelle was brilliant but then Ian wasn’t there then so maybe the first one with Ian. Oh and then the year with Vicky and Ness and of course Bella. I think we like different years for different reasons for different people.

K – Also my first season as it was what made me want to go back again and again.

V – But I wasn’t there.

K – Obviously I liked the years with you there too!

V – It’s like a love story.

What would you say to anyone thinking of doing a ski season?

V – They should grab it with both hands, it’s amazing.

K – Don’t turn down the opportunity it’s the best thing ever. Don’t miss the opportunity.

V – They should make sure they know it’s not just to go skiing every day; you’re there to work as well.

You’ve worked for other companies in the Summer – So how does working with Snowbizz compare?

V – This is much more personal. They treat their staff wonderfully.

K – You don’t get treated better anywhere else.

V – After working for larger companies you realise you’re no longer a number.

K – They treat you as a person rather than a number and you don’t get put in horrible accommodation. You’re really cared about. You know you’re in safe hands when you’re working with Snowbizz.

If you could go back and change anything would you? Would you have done anything differently?

V – Snowbizz changed me! I didn’t use to be confident like I am now.

K – That’s not answering the question! I wouldn’t want to as it was amazing.

V – When we needed to we changed the things we didn’t like.

What are you up to at the moment?

K – I’m starting my own business in mobile childcare – www.petitebelles.co.uk

V – I’ve been travelling and have just got back and I’m now looking for a job in London working with children with special needs.

Quick Fire Round

One word to describe your first week doing a ski season?

K – Amazing.

V – Magical.

K – I just remember being amazed by everything and how it was.

V – And by the snow and the mountains being so big.

K – It was mesmerizing.

V – I remember being scared as well as I had to do transfers for the first time.

What are three essential items to take on your season?

K – Cheese

V – Katie, Ian and Bella, and cheese, caramelised red onion chutney and Topshop tall leggings. Oh and Cadburys chocolate.

I did say three…

K – I’ve only got one – cheese! Oh and playing cards for the evening and a large map of the world.

Why a map of the world?

V – Because we use to play games with it.

K – And you can learn loads about the world.

Three words to sum up working for Snowbizz?

V – Best job ever

K – It really was the best job ever.

V – Not long enough

What was the highlight of your seasons?

K – Meeting the Snowbizz team. Meeting all the families and learning to ski.

V – Watching the children develop.

K – Watching the children grow, especially when you go back year after year.

What was your favourite kids club?

K and V – Disco!

K – You loved ‘Snow Fun’! For me it was either Olympic Games or it was the Disco.

V – Mine was disco, and pizza party and talent show!

So basically all of the kids clubs?

K – Yes!

Thank you to Viv and Katie for sitting down with us and answering our questions. We really love nothing more than seeing members of previous resort teams for a catch up. On a more personal note Katie and Viv have become good friends of mine and I’m lucky to have made some great and often hilarious memories with them. I only wish we could keep them coming back every year to work with us. Sadly that’s not possible but we wish them all the luck in the world with their future plans.

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