Mary Poppins had a handbag but we have a backpack! Everything you need to know about our Totons!

Our Tots-on-Skis, otherwise known as the Totons, are our youngest skiers at 3 and 4 years of age who have an hour long lesson each day in our snow garden. We find that one hour is plenty of time to teach them without making them over tired. So that each child gets the most out of their lesson we have no more than 5 children per 1 instructor.

Obviously as our youngest skiers, we know it can be daunting learning for the first time, which is why one of our lovely qualified nannies will be with them every step of the way. It’s not uncommon that sometimes a child just needs a little bit of ‘chill’ time as they become tired. This is where our nannies can step in to play a game or just let them ‘take 5’ before returning to the lesson. We don’t want to over push them as it can have a negative effect on their skiing experience.

So what’s a typical morning like in the life of a Toton?

Let us give you a quick break down to give you total piece of mind…

  • From 9am you can drop your child off at the crèche where the girls will be ready and waiting with a variety of games and activities to help every child settle.
  • At 9.30am it’s time to get the ski gear on and get everyone excited to go out skiing. Our team of qualified nannies will be there to put a big smile on their face and make them feel comfortable.
  • One of our nannies will then take them on the short walk over to the snow garden where our instructor will be waiting for them all.
  • Then the fun stuff can begin – most of our instructors have children themselves so they know just what to do and say to make sure every child gets the most out of their lesson. Our nannies are there to be help alongside the instructor and are equipped with a ‘Mary Poppins’ backpack with everything possible to soothe and motivate!

Although the Totons is a ski class we totally appreciate that it is often the first time each child has tried skiing and that everyone will progress at different levels. All we want is for each child to have a really fun time and enjoy trying skiing – as long as every child comes back with a huge smile on their face then we’re happy.

Michel will be on hand each day to answer any questions you may have. Our instructors and nannies are there to make sure you have total peace of mind and will feedback to you all about your child’s progress.


The snow garden is perfectly located to the right of the Sun Vallee Accommodation so is only a stone throws away for you to be able to go and watch them learning to ski. So there’s no need to worry or stress about getting from A to B!


When children spot their parents watching they often want a cuddle from mum or dad or just to say hello. Right next to the class there is a ski hut which doubles as the perfect hiding spot for parents so you can come and go as you please without being spotted.

We know that with skiing there is a lot to take in. Why not give Jo or Sarah a ring on 01778 341455 who will be able to tell you more. As skiing mums themselves with children who have been in Totons and our Junior Ski School they will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

Our Junior Ski School is the next step after Totons – take a look at what Lois got up to last March!

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