Jade Etherington: It all started with a family ski holiday – singing on the chairlift!

Having inspired so many of our younger skiers, when the lovely Jade Etherington popped by to see us last week, we took the opportunity of passing on some of the questions that our Junior Ski School children have been dying to ask her about the Sochi experience.


How did you feel on that first event waiting at the top?

Caroline and I were just really excited because it was the first race of our games and we didn’t really have the pressure. There are two training runs before the downhill and the day before I’d crashed, so I was really happy because I’d done my crash, so it wasn’t going to happen again.

We just wanted to keep everything the same as in the training run, we didn’t feel nervous or anything, we were just focused on one thing which was to go fast and work really well together.


What was your favourite event?

Downhill was my most memorable event because it was the first race and where I won my first medal, but I love Super G, that was my favourite event because when I went over the jump and hit the gate I thought it was over, but when I realised I was still on one ski I tried really hard not to panic Caroline. I fought all the way through and I still thought I could get a really good time. The bronze medal is my proudest because I didn’t give up, even though I’d lost my pole and was in pain as I’d hit my shoulder.


If you could go back and do things differently would you?

Yes. In the slalom after the first run when I was in 1st position. Caroline and I said we wouldn’t look at our phones or Twitter or ring my mum, but now I wish I’d rung my mum or looked at my phone.


Hardest part of Sochi?

The snow. It wasn’t really snow. I’ve never skied on anything like it. It wasn’t even ice. It wasn’t hard enough to be ice or soft enough to be snow. It was weird. It wasn’t even like man made. You can see in all my photos it’s like slush. It was really hard to get feedback. Ice you can slide or carve into it and snow, even if it’s really aggressive snow, you can get the same feedback. It was just so soft and that’s why I crashed, the snow was like wet sand.


What was the best moment when you came home?

Seeing my family at the airport. I did cry a lot.


Favourite moment of Sochi?

My birthday. It was the second day and I wasn’t actually racing and I got to support the men doing their races and was in the stand. I loved it because I’ve never even been to a football match. We just GBd ourselves up and it was a really fun day.


What did you do to celebrate?

I went for a meal with my family then had a few friends up. Nothing major really as there were so many events after as well, but I did go on holiday with Caroline and Charlotte.


Quick Fire Round

Three words to describe Sochi?

Blurry…….in both senses! Exciting. Proud. And relieved that I’d made it and medalled in every race.

Where would you most like to ski?

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Japan.

One word to describe the feeling when you’re racing?


Earliest skiing memory?

Skiing with my family in a long snake, oh yes and singing on the chair lift.

What ski tips have you for our Junior skiers?

Make sure your mum and dad help you get boots that fit properly. And watch out for the barriers!

One thing you can’t ski without?


What’s your favourite song to get you in the zone when you’re racing?

Little Mix – Move

Vin Chaud or Hot Chocolate?

Hot Chocolate

What are you up to next?

Watch this space!

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