VIPs from start to finish

People often ask us why we go on so much about Snowbizz and this small resort called Puy St Vincent that no one seems to know about. It wasn’t until we sat back and compared it to the holiday that your friends have just returned from that we realised how perfect it is for me, Mandy and the boys….our answers go something like this:


The Office Team

  • The moment we contact the Snowbizz Team to look for holidays we get great service – lots of options are presented to us and they cater for all our (and the groups) ever changing needs!
  • Big mention to Sarah and Jo for this who are very friendly and professional at all times – nothing seems too much trouble! Rooms close to each other, extra seats on the plane from Manchester and I don’t know how many times how much baggage allowance we have…the list goes on


The Resort

Everything is made soooo easy!

  • Door step skiing – no long hikes with ours and the kids ski gear
  • Everything is in one place – no long hikes to the Sherpa, the bars and restaurants, to the ski shop and the Snowbizz Playroom
  • The bar and shop that sells beer is all in one place – no long hikes to get beer….there’s a running theme here!
  • Wherever you look Michel or one of the ‘Pink Ladies’ are there – just in case something goes wrong
  • Allowing us to keep the kids skis and boots in the Snowbizz Office is a great help – we’ve seen other families have a domestic each and every morning in other resorts when trying to dress the kids in boots, helmets, goggles, gloves before carrying all the kit to ski school, dropping poles etc…you guys take care of all of this
  • The layout of the resort makes it easy to rejoin the group if you get split up
  • Whilst only a small number of runs in comparison to the larger resorts, the runs are well kept and offer something for everyone
  • The resort (lift and piste wise) is easy to navigate and find your way around


The Resort Team

  • Always nice to see a familiar face in resort who also recognises us! (Michel)
  • The girls are great kids which puts us adults at ease. They are always happy to listen to what the kids like/dislike and the kids always come away happy – more so the older they get!
  • They are as good with the adults as they are with the kids
  • In the 4 times we’ve been, we haven’t had a single complaint about any one of them being miserable/rude/inappropriate or any other negative word I can thing of! I know I would be at times – so hats off to them!
  • All members of the team take time out to answer any queries and once again, nothing ever seems too much trouble!


We’d just like you to know why we love Snowbizz and keep coming back…we are made to feel like VIPs from start to finish each year, so thank you to you and the team and look forward to next year’s holiday already.

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