Puy St Vincent: The perfect place for non-skiers too!

Non or basic skier? No worries there’s still lots to do in Puy St Vincent.

Isn’t it amazing how everyone starts discussing technique when you mention you’re off on a ski holiday? When I mumble I’m still doing snowplough, and actually I’m not too fussed about skiing, I’m met with confusion, at best pity, at worst – why would you go on a ski holiday when you don’t like or can’t really ski? Well there are numerous reasons and I feel that Puy St Vincent as a resort is a great place for people like me.

Firstly, I love the fact that my kids and partner love Snowbizz – this means they are happy and when they’re happy and busy there’s more time for me just to chill (something I never get a chance to do at home) read a book, order a coffee, soak up the atmosphere and breath taking, invigorating views. I never tire of watching everyone else zoom down the piste and of breathing in that beautiful clean, fresh air. What’s more Snowbizz’s evening kids’ entertainment enables my partner and I to have dinner out on our own, every night if we so wished, which is a rarity back home.

Secondly, I do attempt private lessons, every year with the very patient Philippe. I am improving – albeit slowly. I can now just about get off the first lift without falling over and can potter very, very slowly down the green run. Why do I do it? Because I can – even at my age, and with a host of health problems, I can learn a new skill and nobody is pressuring me and most importantly nobody cares. Puy as a resort is very unpretentious and I just love that.

Thirdly there are numerous additional activities from walking to swimming, cinema and the ice rink.

Lastly, as we self-drive I can take myself off and visit other villages and towns. Briancon in particular is amazing. I have been there with friends (other non-skiers) but would also be more than happy to potter about, exploring alone. So there we have it ladies and gents, the benefits of Puy St Vincent through the eyes of an almost non-skier!

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