What we look for in our ski staff

With another ski season over and summer finally here there is only one job at the top of my to do list – find a new team. From April until right up to when I leave for training week I have hundreds of applicants emailing me CVs to get a spot on our Snowbizz team.

So what do we look for when choosing people to join the team?

There are a number of things I look for when sifting through applications. Firstly I’ll always look to see what qualifications and experience any applicants have. With all of our roles we ideally want someone who has a good range of experience with working with children and our team of nannies are all required to have a childcare qualification. As we have such a small resort team we must find a team of individuals who have a genuine passion for working with children.

Obviously relevant qualifications and experience are essential but so is personality. No matter what job role you’re doing within Snowbizz you won’t just be working with children but will be front and centre around resort. We want a team who are friendly, bubbly, warm and fun and have that extra something.

Our team are away for four and a half months and need to be able to maintain the enthusiasm and hard working attitude they have had in the first few weeks. We always tell them that each new week is just as important as the last.

When deciding to employ a new member of the team you are making a decision based on all contact, references and first impressions.

So how do you know if they’re going to be a good fit?

The honest answer is you don’t. With every season you run the risk that a ski season might not actually be the right choice for everyone. However, you have to trust your gut instinct and believe that the people you’ve hand selected are going to make a fantastic team. There really is nothing better than seeing a team work effortlessly together where everything runs smoothly – just like our last team!


A season with Snowbizz is different to other companies. No matter which job role you do, you will be involved with everything. We need team players who don’t shy away from challenging situations or hard work and going the extra mile should become second nature.

At the core of what we look for is a mix of individuals who each have a genuine passion for working with children and who collectively bring a whole range of experience. Which in turn along with a positive, hard working, can do attitude will help create a fun ski holiday for all the family.

If you’re reading this and think this sounds like you please email me at elodielyotier@snowbizz.co.uk with your CV and desired job role. Take a look at www.snowbizz.co.uk/about-us/recruitment/ for all our current vacancies.

Finally, as I’ve said before, we get hundreds of applicants so if you want to stand out from the crowd:

  • Be professional and polite – if your email is lazy or badly written you’re easily forgotten.
  • References – a glowing reference will always catch an employer’s eye – the best way to achieve this? By always working hard!!
  • Childcare experience – use your email or cover letter to highlight your experience, a quick summary of your CV instantly helps an employer to see what you’re about.


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